We are more than a carpet showroom.


Our studio is a boutique, decorative studio specializing in the development of unique, fully customizable flooring products. Offered to the interior design tread only.


Eve Oxford founded Eve Oxford, Inc. in 1980 and partnered with rug maker, Jakub Staron in 2011. The formidable combination of "starbaby" and a sprinkle of Eve proved to be a powerful fusion and has been serving designers in the metro Atlanta area ever since.

The business partnered with JD Staron, which now operates showrooms in the New York metropolitan area, Paris, Atlanta, Boston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Laguna Beach, Connecticut, Houston, Miami, and now London. The Staron brand takes pride in presenting through Eve & Staron Studio the most creative custom carpets and broadloom to the design savvy industry.


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Throughout the year, Jakub Staron travels the globe to bring his designs, artistry, imagination, & originality to his fabricators. 


Jakub actually works the looms and breaks ground with new fibers, weaving techniques, textures and patterns. Jakub is “the consummate purveyor of fine floorcovering.” Labor and materials are carefully sourced.


Guided by our team of experts, designers are able to create exactly the look and feel desired.


We always have the latest trends and colors for designers to choose from and with mills located all over the world, we can fulfill any request. Follow our simple process to make a fully-customizable, quality rug. We can even match any color, from any sample.

Designing a custom rug is an

enjoyable, simple process.

   Learn more by contacting one of our experts or by making an appointment

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